lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

M2C2A: Episode 10, Is 0 a prime???

Let's think of the definition: A number only divisible by 1 and itself. 0/1=0 ✓, but 0/0, itself is equal to...
Yes, calculators will tell you 0/0 is undefined, but if when we say x/y, you're looking for a number z that passes the test zy=x, so if x=0, and y=0, couldn't z be any number? 0×0=0, 0×1=0, 0×π=0, even 0×i=0!

So 0/0=R∪C, that is, the union of the real and complex numbers.

Any number in or out of the number line can be 0/0, but isn't a number divisible by another when the number is an integer?
So because 0/0 can or can't be an integer, it is only SOMETIMES divisible by itself. So 0/0 is NOT completely divisible by itself, doesn't this seem strange?
We're dealing 0/0 as if we weren't dealing with something comparable with tan(90) or ∞ .
So is it prime?
A little.

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