lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

M2C2A: The beginning

Hace cuatro días me encontré este mensajito, enviado por mi hijo, en mi correo:
M2C2A“Finally! The surprise you've been waiting for!
M2C2A has been the name of what I have been hiding!
It stands for: "Math, Chemistry, Astronomy, Calculus (though calculus IS math), and More!" and is basically an idea I've had for a month!
Hope you like it!
It will talk basically about math, paradoxes, etc., but also about much more!
M2C2A will have a new episode each Friday!
First episode tomorrow!
Me encanta la creatividad de este peque, por lo que le ofrecí compartir con ustedes sus entregas del proyecto M2C2A,
Espero les agrade Smile

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