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M2C2A: Episode 3, The reason of why all solar system models you've seen are a total epic fail

The Solar System
Reason?: because the planets are very far apart. and because the scales are almost always off by A LOT.
Yes, we know already they're far apart, but they're much farther away that you think.
First of all, our sun's diameter is about 864,938 miles, but the things get both little and big after this.
Mercury's mean distance from the sun is 36,000,000 miles, but has a diameter of only 3,032 miles.
Next, Venus, is about 65,000,000 miles away from the sun, but only 7,257 miles wide.
Earth (home sweet home) is at the distance of the famous 93,000,000 miles away from the sun and has a diameter of about 8,000 miles.
Mars is about 228,000,000 miles far, which compared to the other planets is a whopper, and has a diameter of about 4,220 miles.
But things start to get BIGGER when you get to this point!
Jupiter is about 484,000,000 miles away from the sun, and has a whopping 83,082 miles for diameter! (wow, that's big).
Saturn also gets it's fair share with, apart from it's 893,000,000 mile distance from the sun, 74,897 miles in diameter.
Welcome the billions with Uranus, with a distance of 1,783,950,480 miles from the sun, and a diameter of about 31,800 miles.
With Neptune you are very far from the sun, about 2,798,310,160 miles, and with a diameter of 30,707 miles.
Despite Pluto is only a dwarf planet, I can still state it's distance from the sun as 3,670,052,070 miles and it's diameter as 1,413 miles.
So actually, the planets are relatively very small, and their distances very big, so next time you see a "scale model" of the solar system, except the size of the planets are those of bacteria and the solar system is the width of a sheet of paper, remember it's actually WRONG and by A LOT.
- The Roaring Thunder
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